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Whether your team has a whitepaper or a fully deployed blockchain, is pre-ICO, has a fully-funded coin, or is exploring a security offering, BLOCKHOUSE helps digital asset companies with go-to-market strategy and marketing services that build new markets, create developer and exchange momentum, and drive investor and customer discovery. We’re solving crypto’s demand problem. Learn how we can help you.

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86% of all ICOs are below their listing price, 30% have lost all value, and only 29% have working product. Offerings of tokenized securities are taking the place of ICOs as an alternative fundraising method, but regulatory uncertainty still prevails. The difference between winners and losers? The ability to find product/market fit, reduce time-to-market, establish a clear plan for growth, align network owners and participants, and tell a compelling, highly differentiated story — not just sales of securities or tokens.

BLOCKHOUSE will take you to that next level, whether you’re just starting out or have a fully operational, funded blockchain. Founded by the team that led marketing at Steem and Kowala, with years of B2B and consumer marketing experience and expertise in content marketing, and sales, we’ve partnered with InboundLabs, a Diamond Preferred provider of Hubspot solutions, to transform marketing for crypto. We’re true believers in the power of decentralization to align stakeholders and grow networks through enhanced access, responsiveness, and customer participation in blockchain ventures.

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Do you have a brand or just a coin?

Kickoff with your team to drive an assessment of your brand requirements, syncing roadmap to business model, SEO, competitor research, and surveys — anything that validates your customer segmentation and the value propositions that maps to it. From here, we produce a Scope of Work that aligns network owners and participants, and us to you…

What's your story? How do you tell it?

Customer journey maps, messaging and content strategy turns into a marketing flywheel of varied content streams (incl video & pod), including snackables for Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, BitcoinTalk etc. We use bounties and airdrops to accelerate organic growth. We play to win.

Are you ready to scale?

Social proof that your asset does what fiat can’t. We’re experts in bringing virality to achieve exponential growth across your network, build loyalty & brand, and show how your project really is built to scale. Are you ready to build tomorrow’s decentralized digital brands? We are.

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Hundreds of mainstream marketing launches have been executed by InboundLabs, a Diamond Preferred Hubspot partner with a global team of nearly 100 certified consultants, designers, and developers. Now crypto projects can enjoy the same service in a delivery model targeted specifically for crypto projects who want to grow their brand, for ICOs, Security Token Offerings, or continued growth.


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